Athlete Daily Formula

4-week supply: 4 pills per day

When you're training more than three days per week, your nutritional demands are greater than the average person, and you require more micronutrients than what you can get from diet alone. We've found this is especially true for elites and athletes over the age of 40 where the right combination of micronutrients can offset the decline in energy production help avoid burnout, and speed up next-day recovery.

The Athlete Daily Formula includes:

  • Two capsules of SwissRX Multi-Vitamin
  • One SwissRX Omega-3
  • One Puori D3
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Dr. Kevin Sprouse
Head of Medicine for EF Education First Cycling Team

Navigating the world of supplements can be overwhelming and confusing. Excessive hype and limited product quality oversight can lead athletes to make regrettable decisions. However, many high-performing athletes can benefit from targeted, quality supplementation. The Feed Formulas provide expertly-curated guidance for athletes, offering direction and simplification.