How to use Quick Energy in your training (gels and chews)

By Matthew Johnson
August 3, 2020

[Placeholder]How to use Quick Energy in your training (gels and chews)

A few years ago I was about to start a 130-mile ride down the coast of California as part of multi-day San Francisco to San Diego charity event. For many of the participants, this was a daunting athletic challenge. At the start (at 6 am I might add) I saw a number of people tear into and devour a Gel.... 

... and the idea for The Feed was born. 

See, I knew everyone I'd just seen slurp down their 'quick energy' so early in the game were in for a rough day of riding and I realized I could help people become better athletes by showing them how to use performance nutrition, like Gels and Chews, to their advantage and not their detriment.

So, what were they doing wrong? 

These folks were spiking their blood sugar levels with quick energy (aka gels and chews) and there was no way they could now keep taking enough to sustain themselves for the next 8 hours of riding. Because of this, they had significant energy crashes after the first few hours and struggled to finish the ride (not everyone did). 

The problem was: Not timing nutrition to effort... 

It's is not necessarily wrong to take a gel at the beginning of a ride, if the event is short and intense and you can maintain your elevated sugar levels throughout your event (a 1-hour race is a good example).

For most endurance workouts, you don't want to be downing a Gel at the start.

Here are my Three rules on using Quick Energy (aka Gels & Chews):

  • Once you start using Quick Energy, you have to keep using it until your workout or event is over.
  • For short events, you can start earlier and generally opt for a caffeinated option.
  • For longer events, count back from the end of your workout. If you have gels, and you need to use one every 30 minutes, then you can start 2 hours before the end of your workout. As a rule of thumb for long multi-hour events, wait until you are 50% through your workout before starting Quick Energy.

💁Quick Energy is your friend and will help you finish your workers stronger. They will also let you push your self harder for longer and get an even better training effect, i.e. you will see more fitness gains post recovery from having pushed your limits harder than you could have without the addition of Quick Energy.

Should I use Gels or Chews?

Both function the same way. It's a personal preference which one you want to use. I tend to go with Chews as I can regulate my dosage more (and the used wrapper is less sticky).

How many do I take at once?

I like to use 2 individual chews at a time and take them every 15 minutes or so. This provides me even consumption of quick energy without every getting to big a spike.

How often do I take a Gel or Chew?

Your goal is even energy consumption. If you are doing are trying to do a fast two and half hour marathon you would be consuming a Gel every 15 minutes. But for us mere mortals, aim for a maximum of every 20 minutes (3 per hour) to every 30 minutes (2 per hour). I'll admit that in slower, longer workouts I might push this to over 45 minutes per Gel, but if I go beyond that I can feel my energy levels dropping.

Do I need to drink with my Gel or Chew?

It depends on what kind of Gel you are using. There are two kinds of Gels to choose from, the classic Gels like Clif Shots, Honey Stinger Organic Gels, and Gu Energy Gels are top of that list. These Gels require that you also have some hydration with you and take a sip after you use the Gel to aid in digestion. The other kind of Gels don't require hydration and are consider "hypertonic" the leader in these Gels is Maurten Gel 100 and SiS Go Gel is also a really popular hypertonic Gel.

What are my favorite Gels?

I tend to mix up my Gels so I don't get too bored of one type. If I had to pick, I would go with Maurten Gel 100 as my top favorite, then Clif Shots Citrus or Double Espresso (both caffeinated) is my next favorite. If it is colder outside, I've been known to also go with the more natural Maple Syrup Gel from Untapped, it is just pure 100% Vermont Maple Syrup and works great.

What are my favorite Chews?

I like all sorts of Chews and do try to mix them up between brands, but for a big important event, I'll likely go with Clif Bloks. As much for the convenience of the package (the tall stick is easy to carry and get the chews out of). But for purely taste, then Skratch Chews are hard to beat.

On the caffeinated side, Black Cherry is a winner (and the most popular Chew we sell). I'm also partial to Tropical Punch. If it is hot outside, nothing bits the salty & sweet combine of Margarita Bloks. When you try the first one, you are like no-no-no. Then all of a sudden you are craving a second one. What's really intriguing to me is that the Margarita Bloks taste 10x better when you are hot, sweaty, and a bit dehydrated. 🤷

Let's talk about Caffeine...

Caffeine is your friend. Many athletes are surprised to hear that caffeine doesn't have the fall-off, or "bonking" type effect as simple sugars, so you don't need to worry about maintaining caffeine nearly as much as Quick Energy. It reaches a peak level after 45 minutes from consumption and then is about 50% effective (half-life) at approximately 3 hours. The trick to caffeine is that you have to take much more of it than you probably assume (especially if you are a regular coffee drinker) in order to tap into the performance benefits. Start with 100mg at or before your workout. For short workouts, increase this to 200mg. For longer workouts, try to consume 300mg total in the first 2.5 hours.

But I'm trying to be low carb?

There's a time and place for low carb or fasted training. It can be beneficial for weight loss and improving your metabolic flexibility (i.e. the ability to use both fat and carbs as fuel sources). At the risk of stating the obvious, don't use Quick Energy during a low carb or fasted workout. However, you really should save low carb for your lower intensity workouts and don't do these kinds of workouts exclusively. You need to also have some fast, intense training, and in these workouts you'll want to use Quick Energy to maximize your training benefits.

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