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Important end-of-year information and resources

As the 2021–2022 school year comes to a close, we’ve curated a few end-of-the-year action items and resources to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

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Research-based indicators for early literacy, early numeracy, and social-emotional development.


High-quality reading practice with unlimited, access to thousands of enhanced digital books and age-appropriate news articles.


Real-time insights into student understanding through interactive lessons, interactive videos, gamification, and activities.

Star Early Literacy

Measure K–3 students’ early literacy and early numeracy skills with a computer-adaptive assessment designed just for young learners.

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Renaissance Everywhere

Renaissance Everywhere Overview

We’re working together to support families, educators, and students in the classroom and at home. Renaissance provides digital solutions to support students and their families everywhere they learn.

Renaissance Everywhere for educators

We’re committed to supporting educators by providing helpful guidance, communication tips, and teaching strategies for using Renaissance products to support in-person, remote, or hybrid instruction.

Renaissance Everywhere for families

We’re committed to working together with schools and districts to support you and your children through digital programs and resources.

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