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Science in Sports is changing the hydration game as we know it with their revolutionary sports drink mix known as Beta Fuel. Beta Fuel was developed to help maximize carbohydrate absorption while minimizing the risk for stomach distress. How does it do this? Beta Fuel is a pH neutral, isotonic solution, meaning it allows the intestines to absorb its contents at the appropriate rate without causing water to be drawn into the GI tract, which causes those unpleasant side effects associated with high sugar sports drink products.

With 80 grams of carbohydrates and about 230 mg of sodium, this product meets both your energy and hydration needs. Beta Fuel contains fructose in addition to other forms of glucose, which increases the amount of carbohydrate the body can absorb per hour by 50% as compared to glucose alone. This drink mix is naturally flavored, so it has a light taste that can be tolerated no matter how hard you're working. It can be used by vegan, celiac, lactose-free, gluten-free, wheat-free, and nut-free athletes alike. Not to mention, they are third party tested and Informed Sport Certified.

2:1 ratio sports drinks are far from new however, historically they’re delivered in formats that risk stomach upsets or distress and why many brands have avoided approaching this particular category. With the help of Team Sky and countless other cyclists and runners, Beta Fuel is another breakthrough technology delivering the ideal dosage of carbohydrates while maintaining its isotonic solution. It was named Beta Fuel in reference to the second phase of testing a product, or the “beta phase”. Living up to its name, Beta Fuel has been tested, and approved, by some of the top elite athletes in the game since 2017.

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How We Use It

Mix one serving (84 g) of Beta Fuel with 500 ml of fluid.  Pay attention to this as (like most sports drinks) it's best when combined with the right amount of water. 


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