We set out to find a supplement company we could trust for the world's top endurance athletes. Our quest led us to SwissRX. SwissRX takes a "spare-no-expense" approach to procuring they highest quality Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients. Ingredients too expensive for most supplement companies to use. For the first-time, SwissRX is now available to athletes of every level.

Our quest to find the world's #1 supplement brand: The SwissRX Story

What is Pharmaceutical Grade and why you will never go back

How I fixed my knee so I could ride again


[Placeholder]SwissRX Buffered Vitamin C
SwissRX Buffered Vitamin C
  10 reviews
[Placeholder]SwissRX Multi-Vitamin
SwissRX Multi-Vitamin
  15 reviews
[Placeholder]SwissRX Turmeric
SwissRX Turmeric
  16 reviews
[Placeholder]SwissRX Gut Health
SwissRX Gut Health
  18 reviews
[Placeholder]SwissRX Collagen
SwissRX Collagen
  11 reviews
[Placeholder]SwissRX Omega 3
SwissRX Omega 3
  15 reviews
[Placeholder]SwissRX Probiotic Rescue
SwissRX Probiotic Rescue
  13 reviews
[Placeholder]SwissRX Probiotic
SwissRX Probiotic
  13 reviews
[Placeholder]SwissRX Joint Defense
SwissRX Joint Defense
  9 reviews
[Placeholder]SwissRX Nitric Oxide
SwissRX Nitric Oxide
  19 reviews
[Placeholder]SwissRX Gut Defense
SwissRX Gut Defense
  16 reviews
[Placeholder]SwissRX Vitamin D3/K2
SwissRX Vitamin D3/K2
  14 reviews
[Placeholder]SwissRX Stress Defense
SwissRX Stress Defense
[Placeholder]SwissRX Immunity Defense
SwissRX Immunity Defense
[Placeholder]SwissRX Soft Tissue Complex
2 sizes
SwissRX Soft Tissue ComplexSwissRX Soft Tissue Complex
SwissRX Soft Tissue Complex
  17 reviews
[Placeholder]SwissRX Night Time
SwissRX Night Time
[Placeholder]SwissRX Gut Health Protocol
10% OFF
SwissRX Gut Health Protocol
$210.00 $234.00
[Placeholder]SwissRX Athlete Repair Protocol
10% OFF
SwissRX Athlete Repair Protocol
$258.30 $287.00
[Placeholder]SwissRX Joint Health Protocol
10% OFF
SwissRX Joint Health Protocol
$180.00 $200.00
[Placeholder]SwissRX Athlete Daily Protocol
10% OFF
SwissRX Athlete Daily Protocol
$164.70 $183.00
[Placeholder]SwissRX Hyperfocus
SwissRX Hyperfocus
[Placeholder]SwissRX Focus
SwissRX Focus
[Placeholder]SwissRX Neuroboost
SwissRX Neuroboost
[Placeholder]SwissRX Flow-State Protocol
10% OFF
SwissRX Flow-State Protocol
$102.99 $114.97
[Placeholder]SwissRX Total C
SwissRX Total C
[Placeholder]SwissRX Recovery Enzymes
SwissRX Recovery Enzymes
[Placeholder]SwissRX Muscle Relaxation
SwissRX Muscle Relaxation
[Placeholder]SwissRX Vitamin D3/K2 (Capsules)
SwissRX Vitamin D3/K2 (Capsules)
[Placeholder]SwissRX Gut Defense (Capsules)
SwissRX Gut Defense (Capsules)
[Placeholder]SwissRX Daily Recovery
SwissRX Daily Recovery
[Placeholder]SwissRX Pre Collagen
SwissRX Pre Collagen
[Placeholder]SwissRX Total Recovery
3 flavors
SwissRX Total RecoverySwissRX Total RecoverySwissRX Total Recovery
SwissRX Total Recovery
  1 review
[Placeholder]SwissRX Immune Health Protocol
10% OFF
SwissRX Immune Health Protocol
$90.90 $101.00
[Placeholder]SwissRX Total Recovery w/Pea Protein
SwissRX Total Recovery w/Pea Protein